Social Financial Management Study: Study of Development of TERASMITRA as A Social Financial Institution

Terasmitra is one of the SEs formed by the Global Environment Facilites – Small Grant Program (GEF SGP) which is engaged in financing for partners to achieve sustainable development. Like other SEs, the  obstacle faced by Terasmitra’s partners is financing. This underlies the need for a microfinance system that will be created to help financing partners from Terasmitra who in the future can help Terasmitra transform into a Social Financial Institution.

This aim of this research is to discuss social financial governance with a focus on studies to develop Terasmitra into a social financial institution. Moreover, this study will look at the competencies needed by Terasmitra to become a social peer to peer financing that aims to funds partners who join Terasmitra.

This research is planned to run for one and half years with the scope and method of the research to be carried out. In this research, there are 3 activities, those are

  • Identifying  the profile of financing needs of partners through a survey of 31 key partners of Terasmitra to obtain the profile of the required financing model and see the level of financial literacy.
  • Development of a financing application platform system through the creation of a prototype design using the help of a buildfire website that provides an application creation system with an automatic coding process through a system provider.
  • Pilot project to test financing application using surveys with the aim of mapping partner conditions as evidence-based and experimental application development  materials.