Center for Governance, Public Policy and Business Studies (Pusat Kajian/Puska) is an institution within the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA UI). This institution conducts research activities in the fields of governance, public policy and business both at the micro level (individuals and households), meso levels (public organizations, private organizations, communities, interactions between community entities) and macro level (state, international, meta governancy). As a Special Research and Innovation Work Unit, Puska contributes to the academic and practical field. In the academic field, the results of Puska’s research and studies are directed at supporting scientific development of public administration, commerce and fiscal through research-based teaching. In the practical field, research conducted by Puska provides input on policies and strategies based on scientific studies. In addition, Puska supports research clusters by involving teaching staff and students in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences. Puska provides a practical research training forum for students by placing students as research assistants in each research team.

Puska’s Vision :

Become a Center of Excellence in research and development of science in the fields of governance, public policy and leading business in Asia.

Puska’s Mission :

– Produce quality studies in governancy that can be used by various parties to advance the administration of government towards good governance.

– Produce quality studies in public policy that can encourage the creation of good and responsible public policies.

– Produce quality studies in business that can encourage the realization of societal governance.

– Become a forum for scientific development in the fields of governance, public policy and business within the Faculty of Administrative Sciences.

– Become a pillar of the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the fields of governance, public policy and business between academics and related stakeholders in Indonesia and Asia.

– Establish networks based on scientific network (academic network) with various competent institutions and or organizations both nationally, regionally and internationally.

In order to achieve its duties and functions, Puska builds partnerships and reciprocal cooperation with stakeholders that includes planning bodies at the local, regional and national levels as well as sectoral institutions as well as various civil society organizations. Similar efforts were also made with private companies and multilateral and international development organizations. Puska involves academics and / or researchers from other disciplines in the social sciences and includes relevant practitioners. In line with the vision and mission of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Puska supports research with a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach.

The output of Puska activities includes tangible output and intangible output. Intangible output includes scientific publications in the form of national journal articles (indexed / not indexed), international journals (indexed / not indexed), conference proceedings (national and international), books (text and teaching), policy recommendations, policy models and strategies. Intangible output includes strengthening research cluster capacity and contributing to scientific development oriented to governance, public policy and business.

Puska activities:

1. Research Cluster

2. Scientific Research

3. Applied Research

4. Evidence-based Policy Research

5. Processing, developing and storing data

6. Library

2017 – 2020 Research Themes:

Corporate Governance of State-Owned Entreprises

Social and Financial Inclusion

The Peril and Challenge of Indonesian Shadow Economy