Financial management is an important pillar in the sustainability of a business community, either cooperatives or MSMEs. As a company, the community must also be able to make budgeting and planning in detail and in line with the goals of a community. In other words, a community will not run well if financial management and asset and financial management are messy. The most basic thing in order to make community finances more focused is to define clear objectives for what the financial projections and plans are for the business community.

            The keynote speakers in the discussion this time were Francis Wahono, Director of the Yogyakarta Pranitana Cindelaras Foundation. On the occasion of this discussion, Francis will share stories about the microfinance institution Credit Union for community independence. Then the next speaker, Farhan Mahfuzi, is one of the founders of the Village Community Solidarity (Sitas Desa) foundation. Farhan will share his experiences in assisting several groups and communities in carrying out long-term financial management and investment for the middle to lower class society. Then the speakers, Dewi Meisari, who is the Co-Founder at UMKM Indonesia and Project Leader at LPEM FEB UI who will share her experiences in assisting MSMEs, especially in the management and management of business finances. How to make MSMEs survive and be sustainable by continuously improving their financial management.